Abigael Aremu


Abigael Aremu is a Property Investor & Online Content Creator.

Abigael's property investment journey began in October 2019 when she purchased her first Buy-to-Let (BTL) investment property aged 26 (read more here). This marked the beginning of Abigael's pursuit of financial independence and freedom, using property as the main vehicle to achieve this.

Having found her confidence and pleasure in sharing her interests and thoughts online a few years prior to that - initially in the areas of fashion & style; Abigael decided to pivot and start sharing her greater desire for solid personal finance management and entrepreneurship! This was/is where her heart really lies!

Abigael is on a journey to breaking out of the 9-5 hustle herself and creating her own financial independence and wealth! 

If you want to see more of this journey? You can check out some of her videos here.

Abigael creates content about her property journey - investment strategies; tips and key financial management principles that are aiding her along the way.

She also throws in some life hacks & lifestyle based content from time to time - so if you'd like to see more of this - visit Abigael Aremu's YouTube page.

Supporting First Time Buyers into their homes & helping new Investors land their first property deals.


Abigael is on a mission to support first time buyers into their homes & help new Investors land their first property deals!

This is through the Abigael Aremu Property Sourcing Service which caters to residential buyers; and property investors alike.

To find out more about the service - please visit the page here.

Alternatively, why not book in an initial Fact Find Call with Abigael here?